Particle Electron PMIC settings for LiPo free operation + VIN max voltage

I’m operating my Electron without a LiPo through the VIN pin using a Recom R78 5V 2A switching regulator. I’m having connectivity issues and came to the conclusion that it has to be the PMIC which won’t allow enough current to pass through even though the R78 is able to provide it (running 0.8.0). Apparently 1.5.0 brings some improvements but I don’t know which PMIC settings should I use in my particular case.

Also, since the Electron is already using BQ24195 I’m effectively chaining two switching regulators. The power comes from a 12V battery which can in some cases reach 16V. BQ24195 datasheet suggests that the recommended max voltage is 17V (absolute max 22V). I could add a reverse polarity protection diode to bring down the voltage by 1V. Can I power the Electron directly from the 12V battery.