Particle Electron E314 connectivity in Bangladesh

I am using a Particle Electron E314 in Bangladesh. The device is using GrameenPhone cellular operator with a low and inconsistent connectivity (<25% network signal strength). The signal is so inconsistent that I can not flash it online. I tried changing the location. When the location is changed the signal strength improves to 45% but still inconsistent. Can we switch the cellular operator from GrameenPhone to Banglalink and change the radio access technology 2G/3G ? Please see the attachement

Hi @Nurul!

Seems the attachment is missing but I will try to troubleshoot your issue. When you change the device location, what is the distance?

It's not possible to force the carrier selection or the access technology as the OS will always try to use the best carrier available in the location. Your first location may be in a bad coverage zone and the best carrier available is still not reliable enough.

Apart from the signal strength, what are your reported signal quality levels? It's also possible the overall signal quality is low due to the number of devices in the same zone "shouting" to get a network session with the tower or noisy equipment presence nearby.

Also, it's always possible the antenna might be damaged or incorrectly installed. Do you have any other antenna to swap and test?

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