Particle electron changing behavior


I have electron working since last June, sending information to ubidots every minute and it works fine, suddenly today I found its behavior changed from yesterday, and start sending information randomly (after 6 hours, 5 hours and 3 hours), any idea why is that? i am trying to find out the reason and how to solve as this electron is far away from me, any one has same experience with this particular problem.

Thank you very much

Which Device OS are you running on it? If you can upgrade to 0.8.0-RC.11 then you would have the diagnostics available :slight_smile:

It would help if you could share your code or key parts here as well.

its 0.6.0, i cannot send it via OTA because i don’t know what time its wake, its randomly send data and then goes off

Since we don’t know anything about your code we won’t be able to tell you why that’s happening.


Since it hasn’t been stated yet, are you sure it isn’t a cellular connection issue? Maybe a nearby tower is having issues and that’s causing your observed issue.I forget which carriers the Electron sims work on but try checking to see if they have a service disruption notice for the area.

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Thank you very much and i am still trying to find out,

about the code, the code working fine for 5 months and suddenly this change, lets assume its code problem,we still need to know why working good for 5 months then change,

again the electron is away from me (5 hours drive), and its big chance to be cellular connection @TrikkStar so i will try to find out


For example when there is an uncaught edge case that only occures very rarely?
Just because some code was running for some time doesn’t mean it’s bug free.

But why would we need to torture our brains over some unseen code just to convince you to provide the data that the people willing to help feel to need in order to help?

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