Particle Device OS Updates Thread

Device OS 2.2.0-rc.2 Release Candidate (LTS) is available in the Web IDE, Particle Workbench and Particle CLI for (Photon/P1/Electron/Argon/Boron/B SoM/B5 SoM/Tracker).

released on August 27th, 2021

Note: This is a Release Candidate and is not intended for production yet. This is the second Release Candidate for the upcoming Device OS release 2.2.0 (LTS) with critical bugfixes and backports from 3.x release line.

To learn more about LTS release line, read our blog post.

You can view information about Device OS versions, upgrades and downgrades here.



  • Refactor system describe/info JSON generation to reduce size and remove invalid modules from it #2347 #2349


  • Clear module slots in DCT when preparing for an OTA update #2346
  • Do not reset the DTLS session on socket errors #2335 #2337
  • [Argon / Tracker] Avoid power leakage through ESP32 ESPBOOT pin #2342
  • Fix parsing of JSON strings with more than 127 tokens #2348


  • [CI] Generate public Codefresh URL in Slack notifications #2333
  • [Photon / P1] system part 2 size optimizations #2349
  • [Electron] Increase MBEDTLS_SSL_MAX_CONTENT_LEN to 900 #2349

System Binaries (all devices)

Programming and Debugging

You can view specific programming and debugging notes for this version of firmware here.