Particle dev local compiler [problem with docker]

Hi ,
I was trying to add particle local compiler to particle dev
and I tried to follow the steps in this link

I have installed Docker but for somehow things didn’t get well

And I have no idea What to do (I know that it’s better to ask on docker forums but I don’t know what I am asking about , I even don’t know what “default” refer to )

After all , my target is to local compiling so , any other ways (I couldn’t follow tool chain tutorial , I am NEW to this)
And I found this

and couldn’t follow it .
I am using windows machine , will using linux machine make it easier ?
thanks in advance

Pinging our docker guru here @jgoggins

Hey @Mustafa , sorry for delay getting back to you, 'twas on a lovely vacation in Yellowstone I just returned from.
I’m thinking the main issue is probably that is not a package maintained by Particle and I’m not sure what the state of it is; is maintained by Particle (ping @suda is the primary person currently leading this dev effort). I’d recommend uninstalling the plugin you have now and following the instructions there.

Additionally, the Docker scene is changing fast, and there are number of different approaches you could take that might deviate from what is documented in the above instructions:

  • Ditch docker-machine all together and use the native Windows docker binary (in beta)

  • Use docker-machine ls to see the VMs you have; then docker-machine rm <name> to destroy it, and then make a fresh one with docker-machine create default (or docker-machine create --virtualbox-disk-size "50000" --driver=virtualbox if want to allocate more space than the default). You could also, just open VirtualBox and hit start on the VM.

  • In general Docker is much easier to use on Linux because it doesn’t require a sidecar VM to run docker, so if that’s an option for ya. Go for it.

Good luck.


Joe’s notes are exactly on point! We have changed our compile Docker images too. We plan to update the particle-dev-local-compiler package soon to address those concerns.

In what way have you changed your compile Docker images?

I use the images at, but manually invoke them at the command line rather than using Particle Dev. Currently using v0.5.0.

I see that 0.6.0-rc.1 has five variants:


I have a Core and Photon. Should I be using 0.6.0-rc.1 for both, or should I be using the platform-specific ones instead?

The difference between 0.6.0-rc.1 and 0.6.0-rc.1-PLATFORM is that the latter has baked in intermediate files for this platform making the compilation much faster. If you’re invoking the containers manually, you can use 0.6.0-rc.1 and specify /cache volume (like this) and then during compilation the intermediate files should be stored there.

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