Particle Dev - copy data from serial window

This is just a nice to have. I’m generally delighted with the Particle Dev serial monitor which is much easier to use than the old system (or the Arduino IDE). However with the Arduino serial monitor the data in the serial window can be selected, copied and pasted which is quite useful for debugging. I don’t seem to be able to do this with Particle Dev. Am I missing something?
An even nicer touch would be the ability to forward the output to a file.
OK I know you Linux people can do that before your first coffee of the morning but it would be nice to have these extra touches in the Windows interface.

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This is a good suggestion. Let me look into this.

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Hi there, any update on this?
It would be a super useful feature.

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+1 on this. It’s really painful not having this implemented.

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For those looking for an alternative solution, you can use the Serial Monitor from the Arduino IDE. Or what I’ve found to work is the serial monitor from the Visual Micro plug in for Visual Studio. Any program that can read a COM port should suffice though.

Ahh, that’s a good tip, thanks. I usually have Visual Studio open as well anyway, and should’ve just switched to something else either way.

I think I tried that Visual Micro plugin a while back, hoping that I could write code in VS instead of Particle Dev. Has anyone ever found it useful for any Particle tasks? If I remember right, it didn’t help much, because the Particle APIs weren’t recognized. It’s been a while though.

How do you use the Serial Monitor in Arduino? Do you need to select a specific Board or Processor? I can’t seem to get it to work, it is telling be the port is busy, even though I’m not accessing it anywhere else (I think…)

Still painful not having this, is there a reason this idea lost traction? It’s not the only Particle Dev feature missing copy/paste, it be nice for error messages to come in a copy/paste-able or log format.

@rkast4321, the Particle Dev tool has been replaced with Particle Workbench which uses MS VSCode. It is a vastly superior experience. I highly recommend ditching Particle Dev for Workbench!

I thought that might be the case, I’ve worked in both at this point but it sounds like I need to make the full jump over to Workbench. Thanks for the reply!

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