Particle crashing when reading load cell with hx711

Hi, im trying to read value’s from a load cell via a hx711 but my particle seems to be crashing (going offline) after first sending 1 value. Anybody got an idea why?

#include "HX711.h"

// HX711 circuit wiring
const int LOADCELL_DOUT_PIN = A2;
const int LOADCELL_SCK_PIN = A3;

HX711 scale;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  if (scale.is_ready()) {
    long reading =;
    Particle.publish("HX711 reading: ", String(reading));
  } else {
    Particle.publish("HX711 not found.");

And this is the output in the console.

Anybody got an idea what’s going wrong?

Greetings, Just

Problem solved. Turned out the code i posted wasn’t uploaded to the particle.

Hi, I’m thinking of using the HX711 for my application. Have you been happy with its performance?

Sorry for the late reply, but yeah, the sensor works fine.