Particle Console Features removed

Hi Particles,
It seems I am getting some weird strip-down version of the familiar Particle Console - that has many of the feature icons, noticeably “Integrations” missing. I have raised a ticket but is anyone else experiencing this?

The Sandbox popup has been there for a week or two, but the missing icons are a new problem. I can reproduce that; there are some 403 errors occurring.

If you mouse over the spot where the icons used to be, the tool tip will show which one is which, and they still work, it’s just the icon that’s missing.

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Thanks for the update - didn’t think to try mouse over. It works and will get me out of trouble for now - FYI, this occurs with Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Hi @rickkas7 - Update… the console seems to have been sorted - thanks if you instigated the fix.