Particle cloud communication not working half the time

I am developing an Android app that can communicate with my Photon RedBoard through the Particle Cloud. I have successfully set up a system where the app sends an event, the board receives the event and sends another back and the phone sends other messages to the board. However, while this system works most of the time and the phone successfully displays data and controls the board, sometimes the board does not respond even though the event was detected. What should I do about this, and is it the board or the app?

It’s most likely the app, but without seeing your code it’s hard to tell.

The logs show that the events have been sent, but the board’s events are not sent.

What does that mean? :confused:

What events are logged?
Who sent the logged events if not the board?

Here’s the process:

  • Android app publishes event “allBoards” with data “register.”
  • The board is subscribed to the event “allBoards.”
  • The board is programmed to respond with its own event that the app is subscribed to.

Sometimes, the event shows up in the log but the board does not send back its event. It only works about half the time and requires the board to be reset.

OK, but my initial statement still stands

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