Particle CLI WiFi Provisioning


Recently, Particle CLI was updated with a new WiFi provisioning workflow that allows for claim codes, etc. I have a feature request/complaint. My use case is that I regularly teach classes with Particle Photons and P1 based boards. In an environment where I have 20+ students that are provisioning new devices, the mobile app is less than ideal. I used to have students provision through the CLI over USB. With the new particle CLI WiFi setup, it joins the laptop to the device Soft APs when they are in listening mode and mimics the mobile app. This is less than ideal for a few reasons:

  • Something fixable: student computers are on an enterprise AP and the photons are on a separate vanilla WPA2 AP. The CLI should have the computer re-join the original AP rather than the AP that the Photons are joining.
  • Up for debate: this workflow is less good. It seems slower due to (I presume) scanning 20+ open soft APs for the device that happens to match the one via USB and having to switch the computer’s WiFi SSID back and forth (on OSX, this requires entering my password several times.) If I wanted a magic claim code based process, I’d be using the app. I use the console because I want to quickly provision 20+ devices and, frankly, I don’t care about everything being automatic. Please offer a way to setup wifi “the old way”.

So, Particle serial wifi?


Yep, nvm, thanks!

Thanks for the help!

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