Particle CLI and webhooks, getting "Token required" response

Hi guys, my first post here and I’m a complete newbie at this so please bear with me if I write anything stupid.
I have bought an Internet Button and am trying to set up simple webhooks to call the API of my LIFX bulbs. The photon has been flashed with the demo button from the web ide, which correctly publishes the button events and I was able to have them work using IFTTT.
However I would rather like to have the published events (button presses) activate an HTTPS call to the LIFX REST API directly.
So I have installed the particle CLI (call me old dog) and used the “particle webhook create blah.json” command successfully. However, when firing the event by pressing the buttons on the device, the hook is not activated and in the dashboard log I see a “Token required” error.
The token, which appears in the account, is correctly shown when I issue a “particle token list” command using the CLI. And yes, I have logged in and the CLI login token is also listed.

$ particle subscribe mine
Subscribing to all events from my personal stream (my devices only)
Listening to: /v1/devices/events
{“name”:“hook-response/allbuttons/0”,“data”:"{“error”:“Token required”}",“ttl”:“60”,“published_at”:“2016-01-06T18:08:50.852Z”,“coreid”:“2e0024000547343138333038”}

What am I missing?

Thank you in advance for your help!


I am confused. Could the message “Token required” come from the target site?

OK, pointed the webhook to my own server and found out that the message comes from target. Sorry for the noise. Still don’t understand why the webhook code is not forwarding the Auth stuff over…