Particle Boron breathing magenta


  • have updated from command line (particle update)
  • uploaded code that from cmd, which is tested and functioning on another boron (particle flash --usb boron_firmware_############.ino, receive “flash success!”)
  • device booted, flashed green for a minute, never runs my code as far as I can tell but did connect to the cloud before going in to breathing cyan before going to breathing magenta (safe mode?)
  • seemingly infinite loop of breathing magenta and then seemingly turning off again and random looking intervals

doesn’t appear to be any report on what version “particle update” established, but is the same process I used on the duplicate device. My firmware is 1.3.0-rc.1.

is it…doing a cloud update? Or stuck in a loop? I’m just letting it run at the moment but it’s been back and forth with magenta and off for maybe 15-20 minutes now…

** edit, as I’m typing this it swung back to a single round of cloud connection and posted a “spark/flash/status (failed)” event. Happens I suppose…but how do I…unfail it?

When you do that

Your device will always be updated to the most recent official release (currently with CLI v1.43.3 that would be 1.2.1) when you then flash this

It is of course causing the device to update the device OS again from 1.2.1 to 1.3.0-rc.1 which will involve some longish download of the system part, possibly also the bootloader and in rare circumstances the NCP firmware too. Each of which will cause a reboot between modules.

By either haveing your firmware target the correct device OS version on your device or install the correct device OS manually beforehand.