Particle Boron and MCP3428 4-Channel 4-20mA Alternative

Hi All,
I previously relied on the Particle Boron in conjunction with the MCP3428 4-Channel 4-20mA from NCD 16-Bit Current Receiver for data acquisition from my 4-20 mA sensor. However, the discontinuation of the Boron in Europe has prompted the need for an alternative solution. is there any alternative to the boron. I’m currently seeking at least 10 microcontrollers that can replicate the functionality of the Boron in my project setup. If you’re aware of any alternatives compatible with the MCP3428 and capable of serving this purpose, I’d greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you very much.

If I only needed one or two ports using off-the-shelf components, I might use:

For four ports, I would probably build my own a design like the Tracker Quad 4-20 mA but include it on a board with a M.2 socket for a B-SoM or M-SoM. That's the most work but it will have the lowest cost.

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Thank you very much, really appreciate that