Particle-agent installation problem. Stop on writing RSA keywriting RSA key particle

When I install particle agent, the Raspberry Pi stops on "writing RSA etc…"
I’ve Raspberry Pi 3 and twice installation of Raspbian.
The keyboard not work, and the wifi usb dongle stops. Why?

Just interlinking this as from your description this sounds like the exact same error that the OP in this thread is having?

i.e. it gets to the

Generating RSA private key, 1024 bit long modulus

bit and then everything comes to a screeching halt at

writing RSA key

However, in your case this is with a Raspberry Pi 3, not a Rasberry Pi 1 B?

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I’m stupid…
yes it’s a Raspberry Pi 1…
sorry :frowning:

I’m sorry… but… :laughing: :laughing:… I just can’t help it… Damn! I wish I could turn my Raspberry Pi 1s into 3s! :wink:

No worries… So, it looks like you’re actually in the same boat as a couple of us RPi 1 owners then… and more specifically, the Raspberry Pi 1 (B?) rev 1 and rev 2 from the looks of things… the Raspberry Pi 1 B+ appears to be unaffected (in my case at least). Hopefully that will help narrow things down.