Part Substitute - Relay Shield - 8259 Regulator

Hi Community,

I am looking for an exact replica for RT8295GE (U$2) used on relay shield. This component is available from Digikey but not from Mouser (as far as i have checked). If anyone ever came across a direct replica (from Mouser), please share. For some odd reason i have to stick with ordering from Mouser :slight_smile:

Most of the regulators available out there requires the “enable pin” to be pulled high but not RT8295GE. Though this issue can be fixed by a little tweak in Eagle files, i am looking for a quicker way out by finding out an exact replica for RT8295GE.


Let me ping someone that might be able to help with this, @mohit do you know of any other alternatives to what he is looking for?


thanks Kyle for responding …

It seems unlikely, older, dumber now fairly generic regulators like a 78L05 certainly have plenty of identical footprint alternatives although they often have slightly different tolerances meaning you still need to be careful. This one however is a reasonably modern part with just enough proprietary technology to stop someone making a direct copy.
If you can’t get it from Mouser and you can;t get someone to break that restriction, choosing something else and designing it in instead could even mean you get a cheaper part (because you get to set the parameters).

I kind of made a mistake on my end … i didn’t verified the whole BOM and ordered the PCB’s (ouch) …
Still digging out to see if there is a replica out there … otherwise aliexpress … :slight_smile: