Panel Discussion: Turning Passion into Profit as a Sole Proprietor

Join Particle MVPs and forum regulars @chipmc (See Insights) and @jgskarda (Maple IOT), as they recount their transformation from hobbyists to entrepreneurs.

They'll discuss product creation on the Particle platform, interactions with the Particle community, and tips on juggling a full-time job alongside a budding business.

Please use this thread to discuss the topic and ask any questions you have.

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what a great session!

I'm going to leave below more info on the LoRa work @jgskarda and @chipmc (and others!) have been doing so far in case people are curious and want to read more about it:


Awesome session! We have a business-related question. Have you found with your respective companies that insurance providers understand the business enough to accurately categorize and fairly price general liability commercial coverage?

Thanks, glad you liked the session. Tagging @chipmc and @jgskarda so they see this question!

@sensorcheck ,

Great question, and thanks for watching the session.

As most of my clients are government, having this insurance is important. I use Hartford Insurance and, when I was first setting up this policy I called them and spent some time discussing my business and what the risks might be. I came away form this with the impression that their concerns were - in order:

  • Automotive liability (what happen if you get in an accident in pursuit of your business
  • Medical liability
  • Processional liability - less risk in my case as it is low-power and monitoring not controlling things

In the end, I got a policy that seems reasonable. That said, I have not had the occasion (knock on wood) to put in a claim against this policy so I can't be sure I have hit the mark on this.