P2 BLE Central Mode

Are there any plans to add support for the P2 to act as a BLE central device? I’m looking into a use case where one Wi-Fi based device (like the P2) would forward events received from sensors over BLE to the cloud, and that is significantly simpler when the device at the center of the network is actually allowed to be a central device. This is feasible with the P2 as a peripheral (with each sensor intermittently and randomly scanning for a P2, connecting when it’s found, writing its data, and disconnecting), but it’s just simpler topologically the other way, and I assume a lot of people will want to use P2s for similar circumstances.

BLE Central mode will be added in a future version of Device OS 5 on the P2, but the exact version has not been determined.

It will not include LESC pairing mode, however, because that’s not currently supported in the RTL871x BLE stack.

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Awesome. Is there a ballpark estimate of when this will be added?

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P2 BLE Central mode is now available!


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