P1 RSSI > 2... it's operational, but what is this telling us?

Per the thread title, we’ve just deployed a remote P1 that is web/cloud connected, but it’s returning positive RSSI values. We surface the RSSI value in a cloud “status” variable, and we’ve seen values between 4 and 10.

Our P1 is running v0.6.3 DevOS, using the internal antenna, and it’s literally a couple feet away from the AP. I’ll also add that during our deployment we had this same P1 connected to a mobile hotspot, and the RSSI values returned during that connection time were all nominal in the -30 to -40 dBm range.

The documentation describes values of 1 and 2, however, we’re outside of all documented realms that I can find and we’re still cloud connected and operational.

Hi @jimini

I replied to your support ticket.

RSSI is a relative measurement. I will say that the output retrieved as cloud variable is different from that when retrieved from mobile hotspot.

  1. RSSI when measured in decibels as NEGATIVE value. The closer the value to 0 (zero), the stronger the signal will be.

If measured in negative numbers, a number that is closer to 0 usually means a better signal, a number that is -50 (minus 50) is a pretty good signal, a number of -70 (minus 70) is reasonable while a number that is -100 (minus 100) has no signal at all.

Your measurement of -30 is actually strong.

  1. RSSI as a POSITIVE percentage when retrieved as Cloud variable. From here:
    Device OS API - Photon | Reference Documentation | Particle

Do let us know if you have further questions.

Hi @jimini,

My colleague had added to my reply in the ticket, adding it here to round things up: Positive return values indicate an error with 1 indicating a Wi-Fi chip error and 2 indicating a time-out error. A value north of 2 is an undefined error, and it’s likely there’s some bug in an implementation of this API on this early Device OS version. For the most accurate RF values, I recommend using Device OS API - Argon | Reference Documentation | Particle supported on more modern Device OS versions.