Outrage data consumption

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i just received the bill from particle over ($100), and 3 of my devices (electron) have odd behaviour when the outrage happened and i reported that here in the community and by direct email to particle, those three devices reach like 99 MB, 63 MB and 25 MB and i know that is wrong cause i have other electrons which run same exact code but still the consumption are around 6 MB which is acceptable, also they never reach this consumption before outrage as those particle send data every 5 min and the still, today i received a bill with over $100. i am sure its related to the outrage, any one has same experience and what shall i do ?

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Just received my invoice and I got dinged, too. My extra charges amounted to something like $60 for two devices that have been in the field, behaving, for a very long period of time and running the same application code. This application code is also on several other devices that did not experience any issues. Is it a coincidence these excessive charges just happened to be at the same time as Particle’s server issues? I think not. Did Particle protect me by effectively implementing the data limits I had specified for these devices? No. I believe this is a good opportunity to learn about Particle’s business ethics. I hope we’re all pleasantly surprised with invoice/account adjustments.


There are some parallel issues and billing roll-ups pending.
Particle has addressed some of that in the post below but a more thorough response will come

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Hi everyone,

Following up on ScruffR’s statement – Particle is aware of an issue that may be resulting in higher than expected bills. Please see embedded post above for details.

Investigations internally are still ongoing. Expect updates on this soon.


hi @ctmorrison, just an update, I have just received an email for refunding,