Optimal way to request Https request?

Anyone know the best/simplest way to request https request (emphasis on the S in the https hahah)? I saw an older library by Vamsi switch doesn’t seems a little outdated. I have also looked at the webhook solution but I see that events have a 255 char limit so requests of JSON 2000+ char seems a little silly.

Is there a solution which particle or 3rd party library provide?

Side Question: if webhooks is still the answer, is there a way for products made with particle chips able to trigger same integration with different api keys and different parameters? (new to webhooks)

Yes, it’s still the answer and yes that’s possible.

I might be wrong, but currently the limit should be 622 bytes and if you have a JSON, are you really interested in all the 2000+ characters or could you make use of the ability of the webhook feature to extract and rewrap the desired input data to give you only what you actually need?

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Hey, could you highlight how you would do this? I am currently trying to send different api codes / query param.

I have a url:


xxxxx is the id of of the object.(object can change by controller)
yyyyyyy is the api key.

Am i able to create an integration for “particle devices” which all devices in the group can use.

If you pass the dynamic data in a custom JSON you can reference the individual fields like {{youID}} and {{apiKey}}

Here is some thread with similar intent

You can also read up on webhooks here


getting this weird error.

That doesn’t look like an error but your target server seems to hand you back an HTML/JS response instead of JSON.
Double check the target URL after substitution of the dynamic fields.

Also you need to wrap your JSON values in double quotes to be usable for substitution.