One OAuth client for multiple products


Is it possible to use one OAuth client to access multiple products or should I create separate apps for every product?

It seems form the docs that Particle’s intent is that you have one OAuth client per app, not necessarily one per product. If you had multiple products related to controlling things in your home, for instance, it could make sense for all those products to be controlled by one app; in that scenario, one OAuth client would be appropriate.

As I see in the console, OAuth clients are per products too, not per Particle accounts.

Or am I wrong and this setting creates an OAuth client with access to all products under my account:

It’s a little bit confusing that OAuth clients creation form is on the product page in that case.

@motomac - Did you ever have any luck with this? At one point in time, the OAuth client was per org but appears to have changed sometime in the past year to per product. I have several products using the same client that were created earlier last year, but when adding a new product the existing client doesn’t work. The only option I see is to generate a new client, which is a pain.