One battery two MCUs?

How would I hook one battert to two MCUs?

Hook the LIPO pins together?

Do not connect two Li+ connectors together between two Borons together. If there's external power such as from USB, the two chargers could be damaged.

In theory, you could disable charging on one of them, or assure that they are never powered by USB or VUSB, but this is tricky and failure to do it properly can cause the PMIC chips on one or both of the Borons to be damaged.

The safest solution is to use an external battery and charger and power both Borons by VUSB. On the Photon 2 and Argon this is the only solution because you can't disable the charger in software.

While I was waiting I went ahead and tried it. It looks like its working properly. Even when I disconnect the battery and plug the USB in everything comes on as it should.

It may seem to work, but it's not safe.

  • With no external power it's fine.
  • With one externally powered such as by USB it's OK.
  • With both powered by USB you can damage the PMIC.

As long as you can make sure the third never happens it's fine, but if you or someone accidentally plugs in both USB, such as for debugging, that's when damage can occur. Or both chargers could activate, overcharge the battery, and cause it to catch fire.

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