One Awsome Pinout Diagram for Spark Core Located

Very professional pinout diragram for Spark Core


Very nice diagram! Thanks for sharing.

Analog inputs are referenced to 3V3* actually.

And I’m not sure what is meant by 3V3* being fault tolerant…

Would be good if it had a column for the Spark Shield Shield pin mapping as well :wink:

Wow. That is sexy. Great work!

It might be cool to see something like this shipped inside the :spark: box as a little slip of paper. Maybe even adhesive backing so it could stick to things. Maybe even size it to the footprint of the included breadboard.

That’s real quality stuff!


Looks like someone ripped off Pighixxx’s awesome graphics, only they were a bit lazy and didn’t do a vector drawing of the Core itself.

Seems like his site is down at the moment, but his Tumbler is up!

He’s got all the Arduino boards, basic electrical circuits (called ABCs which he kick started into a book) and other cool drawings!

I was in talks with him to do the illustrations for my book. I’ll shoot him an email and get him to do a real version of the Core. :smiley:


mbed comes with the pinout diagram on a very nice laminated wallet-sized card. Would be a nice touch for the Spark as well.

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I can’t wait until Pighixxx’s version is out, then I’ll create one that makes his look like crap!

Sarcasm off…

Honestly I love Pighixxx’s work, but whoever made the one above deserves some credit for a very nicely done pinout for our beloved Spark Core. He even gave Pighixxx credit on the pinout.


Oh yeah, I didn’t see the credit link on the image the first time around (I had clicked on the thumbnail which was really pixelated)! :blush:

Pighixxx sort of “went off the grid” recently due to all the publicity he’d gotten from the drawings and partly because of all the copycats without attribution. I call it Flappy Bird syndrome.

So yeah, the pinout is nice. You should edit it and replace the picture with the illustration you did @BDub!

@BDub I was admiring your Fritzing work today while putting together a blog post. I seriously can’t get over how awesome your artwork is.

@timb tell Pighixx we’ll send him a bunch of Spark stuff if he’ll do drawings for us :slight_smile:

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Wow, I’m glad so many people found my diagram useful! I certainly cloned Pighixx’s work and gave him due credit. His work is amazing and I wish he would make one :smile:

I would be ecstatic if a pinout was shipped with new Cores - I’ll add a creative commons license. If anyone wants to contribute with updates, please do let me know.

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Yeah, I want to reiterate that I retract any negative meaning from my post, as I didn’t see the attribution in the thumbnail image that was posted. (Foot, meet mouth; mouth, meet foot.)

Do you have the original AI/PSD/Vector/Uncompressed/Whatever version of the file that you could perhaps post? @BDub did an awesome vector drawing of the Core, so I could easily mate the two together to create a beautiful Pig Baby!

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Just dropping this here for reference:

I needed to reference this diagram, but I couldn’t help fixing it up a bit so here’s my half-hearted attempt. I changed the notes a bit, and added the SDA / SCL pins. It’s not perfect by any means… just a hack/edit.

EDIT: Updated the RX/TX pin swap (10/6/14)



Nice BDub, thats a nice upgrade.

I agree these should be included with each Spark Core just like the Teensy 3.1.


Hey Guys,

I’m currently organizing an IoT workshop where I’ll be using the spark as the main MCU. As part of this, I’ve put together a bit of a cheat sheet including the pinout diagram from here so I thought I’d leave a link here aswell incase anyone else finds it handy.

Many thanks



Hi @mattbrailsford

This is really nice–thanks for sharing!

I think the curly-braces {} didn’t print right on the array initializers.

Ahh, good catch, looks like I missed them off. PDF updated accordingly.

Glad you like it.


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@BDub the schematic looks awesome but the RX and TX pins are inverted, could you please update it? It’s the first result on google images for “spark pinout” and that mistake led to a long night of troubleshooting in a prototype I was working on:)

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Sorry about that, yeah that’s because it was a mistake on the Fritzing symbol I made early on. I will update and edit the image today! Thanks for reminding me :smile:


Cool, thanks!

Just an update, I edited the pinout image a couple posts up :slight_smile:

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