On Device Database/Key Value storage recommendations for 30k+ values

Does anyone have any recommendations for an on device (Boron) Database or Key Value storage solution for a large (30K+) number of values?

Ideally it will be persisted to an external flash chip via SpiffsParticleRK

In terms of existing libraries I have seen SQLITE solutions for the ESP8266 (uses 20kb of ram) and Key value solutions for arduino via SD (won’t compile in particle). So it seems do-able I just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations before I go down the rabbit hole of converting one of these libraries.

Update (2020-12-18)
Have hit a road block converting SQLITE with the following error;
region APP_FLASH overflowed by 88360 bytes.
It appears as if only 12% (128kb) of the flash is available to the user. Unless there is a way to expand this I don’t believe it is possible to run SQLITE on the particle boron.