Offline Events Execution

Hi guys,

Here is a challenge for you! This is the scenario: The request from the user comes to our server, verify the authenticity and then sends it to the particle cloud. If the device is offline, we want to save the request details on the server. When the device is online we can call the send the request again.

I am planning to execute the event once the device publishes online status. The issue is if the device sends online continuously, the event executer is called that much time! We are expecting thousands of devices online within a timeframe. Is there any better way to handle this case?

Not sure what you mean with “if the device sends”.
Does one device do that and you don’t want that? Then this would suggest some misbehaviour on the device’s side.
If you just want to know what to do if/when this happens, then your server would need to be made resilient against that and only act when there are any pending (not-yet-sent) events.
The Particle cloud can’t really know whether your device is “misbehaving” or really getting on-/offline that often.

But since you don’t really say what platform you are talking about many things are up for guessing :wink: