Did the spark/status offline event timing change?


we are using the spark/status offline event to know when a device goes offline

this used to sent a couple minutes after the device (with p1) actually goes offline which is fine

but recently we noticed it takes way longer (like next day or so)

did something on the particle side change?


Hi Frank-
That sounds like a frustrating issue. Has anything else changed with the device you’re using? How’s your wifi signal? Have you had this issue with multiple devices or just one?


hi colleen

we did change around the device os version as we are preparing p1 end-of-life (going back to 2.1 because of the green-led problem)

we have seen this with multiple devices. wifi cannot be a problem? it is the particle cloud that should detect the device not being online - that does not seem to work anymore?


It will take longer for the P2 to detect it’s offline, two times the UDP keep-alive value, which should 25 seconds, so around one minute. It should not take a day.

The P1 uses TCP transport, which has a 10 second ping interval. So that should detect offline faster,

If the P2 device went offline gracefully the interval will be shorter. If it was just unplugged or the Internet went away, it should still be around one minute.

i am talking about p1 and it does take very long. it did not use to take this long - did something change on the particle cloud side?

we were relying on the spark offline event but now have to do it ourselves

i did check the console and do not see the offline event (tested with at least 2 devices)

Oh, sorry, I confused two different posts.

I was able to reproduce the problem you are seeing with the P1/Photon. I sort of know why it’s happening, but I’m not positive it was intentional. Some more investigation will be required, but if you have a workaround, that’s probably the best solution for now.

thanks rickkas7

we are always anxious if things stop working: can you tell us why this is happening?


There was case where if a TCP device (Photon/P1) was moved to a different server, the old server would emit an offline event even though the device is still online, but on a different server; this was fixed. When I unplug a TCP device now, the cloud is detecting that the device disconnected, but not sending the offline, which I can see from the internal cloud logs from my test device. This seems wrong if the device is actually offline, but I’m not a cloud engineer, which is why more investigation is required.

Hi Frank,

Can you message me a Device ID you’re using?

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this is my test device (p1): 3c0032000747393035313137
it is offline now

@lanceseidman: assuming you can see some kind of logging: you want me to get this device online for a specific time and duration?

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