Official mesh battery life calculator

In planning our migration to Particle Mesh one of the key considerations is battery life, especially for endpoints. Today our most basic endpoint (pulse counter, sub-1GHz radio) is powered by a CR2032 coin-cell battery and depending on sync interval, can go for ~3 years without servicing.

When considering the Particle Xenon as a potential sensing endpoint, it would be extremely helpful to have a battery life calculator similar to those provided by Farnell and other IoT SoC vendors. Simply suggesting “coin-cell is possible” or “take a look at the Nordic nRF52480 product spec” is not helpful as the former is ambiguous and the latter does not represent the overhead of the Particle implementation.

TL;DR Estimating battery life is key for determining use case feasibility (market) and field service overhead (COGS). Please consider publishing an official mesh battery life calculator.

Thank you for your consideration.


More power usage information will be coming. Since the software is not final it’s not possible to provide accurate numbers yet.

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Has this idea from @SmartWorld been carried out yet? I am specifically looking to calculate power usage based on my application needs (Measure output from 4 thermocouples every 5 minutes) and the Particle Boron platform. Any help is appreciated.Thanks!!