Xenon Mesh On Mesh Off Every Thirty Minutes

Not really a new concept but I wanted to share a test I’ve been conducting.

So I made some firmware for the Gateway to always be on and subscribed to an event called Environment Read.

My mesh device (Xenon) is powered by a 2500 mAH battery and is in manual mode. So every 30 minutes it turns mesh on and then mesh publishes the readings from the Grove DHT22 sensor and also includes the battery reading. Then it turns mesh off and uses millis() to wait for 30 minutes to repeat those steps.

What I am excited about is that I have watching via a Webhook and Firebase; the stats. The battery lasted for 15 days. And I have some good data to play with. I am interested in building an Angular app the will observe the Firebase data and make me an animated JS chart.

I will need to make some changes to my Webhook to make the data easier to deal with. Right now it’s all in a chunk. To be more specific. I send a JSON snippet that includes the device name, temp, humidity, and battery all in one. To scale this, I think it should be by device as an endpoint then nested within each device is all the readings every 30 minutes. But that in itself is another topic covered by @rickkas7.


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