Obtaining Device ID through SWD


I am trying to get the Device ID of a Photon through the SWD interface (I couldn’t get JTAG to work). I am in J-Link Commander and trying to read the memory location 0x800473C for 6 bytes as follows:

J-Link>mem 0x800473C, 6
0800473C = FF FF FF FF FF FF

As you can see, I am only retrieving all ones. Can anybody tell me what is wrong? Am I reading the wrong memory register?

Thanks in advance!

The field labeled “device id” in the DCT is probably not the device ID you’re thinking of. The device ID used by the Particle cloud is the STM32F device ID, and you can get it this way via JTAG/SWD:


I had been limiting my search to SWD and completely missed this post.

I was searching the wrong Memory Location. Now reading the memory at address 0x1FFF7A10 and getting the correct deviceID

Works perfectly, thanks so much!

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