NTC thermistor with pull-up

I am trying to use a ntc 10k instead of a ds18b20. I see many bad readings with ds18b20. I have some photons with some sensors each one and all behave similar.

I prepared a protoboard with a schematic I found on the internet (resistor as pulldown) to test the ntc and it seems to work fine.

I have an already prepared end pcb but in this one I am using a pullup instead of pulldown. I tried to run the code with this configuration and measures are wrong. Should I change something in code in this case?
I am using this library (https://github.com/kegnet/photon-thermistor).

Is it possible to use pullup with an ntc?

That's usually something that can be tackled in code. What library were you using?

I am using DS18B20 from particle build libraries. I think my problem comes because I use longer wires than those included in my ds18b20 sensors.