Norwegian_blue_electron.bin help needed


I am trying to get a few Electrons up and running again. Can i flash the bin file or must it first be compiled for my current OS@1.5.0 on the programmer Electron ?

I think it goes without saying that the device OS must align with the target OS the application was compiled for - so if your application bin files was compiled against 1.2.1 target say then it likely won’t work.

Thanks I thought so. Some help would be appreciated with all the steps needed to copy the files into the Workbench directories to do the compiling. My first few attempts show a lot of files missing.

Easiest to use ‘create new project’ in Workbench and install any libraries you use copy and paste from Web IDE for you application (.ino) and paste into the new.ino file open in Workbench.

@jamesza, I was able to compile embedded_swd code along with norwegianblue using Workbench and compiling against DeviceOS v1.5.0 for both the Photon and the Electron. I copied all the files from the firmware folder in Matt’s repo repo and copied the code the Norwegian_Blue.ino file in the examples folder into the project .ino file (in my case, NorwegianBlue.ino). In my case, I also removed the and files before compiling. Here is a screenshot:



Is there a possibility that I can have a copy of your *.ino file or publish in the reply. There is a few lines that the compiler do not recognise.

Thanks in advance

It's always best to actually state what these lines might be and what the compiler tells you about them :wink:

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