Node.JS Version and Spark Server

We are running a local version of SparkServer without any problems.
Today I’ve upgraded our servers to the latest node.js Version (0.12.x).
As an result i get the following messages during startup

connect.multipart() will be removed in connect 3.0
visit for alternatives
connect.limit() will be removed in connect 3.0
Caught exception: Error: Module did not self-register.{}

An the Server Crashes

What’s the latest Version of NodeJs the Spark-Server supports?

I’m pretty sure I remember @zachary bumping into this same issue and he had to roll back to a previous version of NodeJS. Maybe he has time to chime in with more details :slight_smile:

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The latest version would be very helpful to bring the system back to life

@softmeter Ok last I heard it should work on Node 0.10.30.

Thanks for the ping — any 0.10 version should be fine — I’m running 0.10.36 locally. Compatibility with 0.12 is on our list, but not high priority at the moment.

Any updates on this? node 0.12.x support would be great.

I just cloned the spark-server repo and ran npm install with node 5.5.0 and npm 3.5.3. npm start booted up the server just fine. I still received the warnings about deprecations in connect 3.0 and the link to the connect wiki. I did not connect a Photon to my local server, but at least the original issue posted in this thread did not occur.

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If I may add, for those upgrading from an existing setup, there are two key steps involved.

First, cd to your spark-server folder and enter:

npm rebuild

which rebuilds the native objects in the ursa module. Otherwise, you’ll get the "Module did not self-register.{}" error.

Next, incorporate this PR (#14 submitted by PseudoSky) to your own local setup, which should fix the CryptoStream issue in spark-protocol.

FWIW I’m now on Node 4.2.6 on a RPi2/Jessie, and it seems to be going well.

On a side note, I hope the spark-server / spark-protocol PRs get merged soon, along with some love for spark-server!

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