Installing npm spark on old versions of nodejs

Is it possible to install the spark package manager “npm install spark” on older versions of node, my requirement is for version 0.10.25.

As the image I have included shows, I’m trying to install spark on a webserver, run in an older version of nodejs. Is there a different spark package I can use or anything?

Many thanks,

Hi Arthur,

Hmm… I’m not sure why SparkJS is requiring that version of the engine, but you could always cheat by cloning the repo directly, editing the file, and npm-installing directly from your local forked copy :slight_smile:

git clone

#edit sparkjs/package.json and change the requirement, then:
npm install /path/to/your/cloned/repo

I hope that helps!


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your support, I’ll try everything you said and report back!


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Just to follow up, for anyone else trying to do a similar thing…

Modifying the package.json file did not remove the warning that I highlighted on my server although it worked fine on my PC, I’m not sure why this is.

I managed to solve my issues by using
var spark = require(‘spark’);
in the server.js file.