New Code won't Flash to Photon, but no Errors

My photon is currently functional and running. I want to update the firmware (thermostat portion of the code needs new temp limit values). I update my code and verify it with no errors. When I Flash the code to the photon, it appears to flash successfully, but the old code continues to run. I’ve tried in it’s normal location in the relay shield and also removing the photon and sitting it on my desk next to the router, in case that was an issue. Still continues to run the old version of the code.

How about putting the device in Safe Mode before flashing?

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Hi @eric.spaeth

Normally when this happens the problem is that the new code was compiled for a version of system firmware that is not on the device. Have you checked what version you are compiling against versus what is on the device?

Yes, tried safe mode too.

For firmware, I have the system target matching the on device. I’ve tried changing the target to the latest production release, but it doesn’t seem to change on the device, and still fails to update the code.

Also have tried flashing the blink and LED example to no avail.

Downloaded the Firmware Manager for Windows, ran it to update it to 0.6.0 and when it was done, it still had 0.7.0-rc3 on it.

Downloaded and used the Windows CLI and successfully applied firmware 0.6.3 to the photon. Flashed code, reinstalled photon into relay shield, and everything seems to be working correctly and with the new version of the code.

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