Netatmo Weather Station Wall Display

I am wondering if anyone has ever tried to display Netatmo’s weather station or similar open data to an indoor wall display!
If you have any ideas where to start please tell me.

Would you mind elaborating on how this related to Particle?

Hi Moors,

Well having done something pretty much the same with a Rasp Pi 3, I can easily see how you could use the Particle to aquire the data from somewere like open weather and then use the particle to drive the Netatmo display.

Also being able to program the Photon OTA makes a handy development platform.

So surely its a reasonable thing to have a go at.

I used the Pi for my build becasue I wanted to practice interfacing with API’s, phrasing Jason responces and drive some 8 servos to display the data. Making a totally anolouge display… It worked a treat. Just servos are really noisy… so I don’t turn it on very often… Difficult to concentrate with it zipping about in the back grond… But it was fun.


OK I re-read the orginal message and googled ‘Netatmo’s weather station’.

Bit of a miss read on my part as I had been reading the message on the Nexiton display… Netamos-Nexiton… sorry… I’m dyslexic… (Still don’t like the word dyslexia… Very frustrating to spell)

Anyway a photon could be easily used to build a display to show open weather data… either like I did with my PI or even if they want to sample the weather in thier own yard and display in in their room (That would require 2 photons)… But it is still a photon project… IMO

You may check on Netatmo website:
They now have an API that let you access the data in JSON. Using Particle webhook, you can get the data to your device, than display it on the display.

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