Neopixel library issues in WebIDE and Desktop IDE

  1. If I use Desktop IDE and include neopixel library by “Copy in project” it produces an error:

(Side node: allow to copy error messages from Desktop IDE)

  1. If I use Web IDE + Particle, neopixel is included fine as #include <neopixel.h>
    However when I switch to Redbear Duo, i’m seeing following error
    lib/neopixel/examples/a-rainbow/a-rainbow.cpp:9:22: fatal error: neopixel.h: No such file or directory #include "neopixel.h"

I would really appreciate second issue being pixed faster, as I have firmware ready, but can’t really use it

Also my older project that uses neopixel still works on Duo
For now I’ve copied all libs directly in project and it works this way on Duo in Web IDE

RedBear hasn’t yet been able to provide support for Lib2.0.

Would you poke them? :slight_smile:

As for their point of view I’m just a user as anybody else, you can inquire about an ETA just the same :wink:
I’m pretty sure Particle has offered support to help them get this ready already.

But in order to use the lib with Duo in Web IDE you can just use the previous release. AFAIK the only difference should be Legacy vs. Lib 2.0 structure.

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For now I’ve switched to including everything directly as I’m using Photon as dev & test board and Red Duo is embedded in device already, so need same code to work in both.

B.t.w. Web ide really needs better idea of showing file extension when there are ton of tabs, it doesn’t even have full name in “title” html attribute that would show up on hover: Guess the filename)

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If you open the code drawer <> you get a list of your files in the project and when you click on one the editor will jump there.

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Indeed, thx. However “title” attribute is something that is super-simple to add and is well supported by browsers. (like here on buttons )

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True, and as I can see in Chrome I get exactly that in the bottom left corner of the browser window when hovering over the tab.
But sure, having that as baloon tooltip near the tap would be much neater.

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