Need help wiring a sensus 1203 meter to a particle

Hi I have been reading and technical manuals and looking at diagrams but I am at a loss on how to connect the particle to the sensus to be able to read serial output.
The three pins from the sensus are BLACK (Power) RED (Data) and GREEN (GND)

The ground i bridged to the GND next to D7, however the other two I am a little confused and don’t want to fry anything unintentionally- I was thinking of connecting BLACK to TX and RED to RX

any help would be greatly appreciated as I have never worked with serial in this way

thanks in advance

Why is the black cable that you mentioned being the power line going to TX or RX?

Shouldn’t it be going to a power line?


I don’t think any engineer ever would make black = +V power and red = data so I would double check that color code!

If the device uses UART serial and has three wires, power, ground, and data, then it must be a transmit only device so the data wire should be connected to RX so you can receive what it is transmitting.


Or it uses half-duplex where the TX line is used for both directions, but you’d need to set Serial1.halfduplex(true)

But the “datasheet” is in deed confusing

The “sharing” data line bit suggests half-duplex while the use of RX and TX contradicts that. But I’d think the device is self powered so no +V (Power) required only common GND

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That’s some good information. In order the “share” the data line, you need to a different kind of output than the Photon/Electron uses for serial. So plan on adding an external transistor and pull-up/down resistor to the output in order to allow multiple transmitters on the shared data line.

here is where I am getting confused as yes, the meter has a built-in battery. the older Sensus and particle docs state that i would need to get a serial adapter, and that the voltage would not sync in that one is at 3.5V (5V tolerant) and the serial from 5V to 15V(?)

the pinout diagram for the meter is the NICOR style connector to which I have inserted pins that I was intending on connecting to the photon to poll/read data.
If I am completely wrong, please let me know what I should be researching to be able to do this. thanks again

the fritzing diagram is to show how i have the GND wired but the other two pins right now are loose, and not connected to anything as I don’t want to fry anything unintentionally!

The best info I found online was in this thread:

They say to call SENSUS and sign the NDA for the protocol. Apparently the power line is also a clock line for the data (as your wiring cross ref shows).

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