Need a suggestion with choosing a Particle generator in order to calibrate low-cost PM sensors

Hello there,
I need to calibrate low-cost sensors viz. Shinyei PPD42NS and Plantower PMS5003 against a standard handheld particle counter. For this purpose I need to generate particles that need to be measured and I am having tough time choosing a particle generator.
I looked up for products from TSI and they have 4 categories in aerosol generators; Monodisperse, Polydisperse, powder dispersers and seed aerosol generators. I don’t understand which device to purchase for my application and I have to make a critical decision here because this equipment costs so much.
So, I request you to help me in deciding which type of particle generator to buy for my application (you can also suggest a device from any company).
Thanks and regards
Vineeth R

Hello Vineeth,

I don’t have any personal experience with PM sensors, but I would suggest contacting the companies whose products you are considering and have them explain to you the calibration process needed, as well as the recommended product - their FAEs should definitely be able to assist you in this regard.
Going directly to the source will also ensure you are spending your money on the correct products.

Thank you, Chris. I will try contacting both the sensors’ and particle generators’ companies.

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