Multiple Xenon Programming Guidelines

I would appreciate the community’s help while the bugs are worked out of the initial release’s firmware.

I will have a Boron connected to up to 6 Xenons. Currently I am testing only with 2 Xenons. The testing is outdoors with a distance of 12 feet between Xenons.

What are general guidelines for ensuring a reliable mesh connection? Here are some questions:

  1. Using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED); on Xenons only.
  2. Using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED); on the Boron only.
  3. Using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED); on Xenons and the Boron.
  4. Delaying the connection of each Xenon, say 10 seconds for the first, 20 seconds for the second, etc …

I would appreciate the community’s experience.

I should have explained that the reason for this post is that I had at the site the Boron working with a single Xenon for 2 weeks. It was bullet proof. I had SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED); on both.

Today, I added another Xenon. System stopped! Some times it works a little then stops. Also, numerous disconnects from the cloud. System is now unreachable.

I would wait until 0.8.0-RC.26 is released. The promise is of a much more stable Mesh network!