Multiple photon inter communication


New to this IoT way of communicating and have a project idea. I need to know if it’s possible to communicate between various photons signalling conditions between each other?

I don’t need sophisticated stuff like a smartphone in the system just a bunch of Particle Photons with led’s and buttons.

@htferreira, some obvious questions:

  • Which version of firmware are you running?
  • Are the Photon and P1 running the same user code?
  • Was the PCB designed with no copper planes under the P1 antenna?

@peekay123, hmm, where do the P1 questions come from? I can only read about Photon :confused:
Did you rather intend to answer this one

But another question springs to mind: @htferreira, will you use the cloud, or not?
If so, have a look at the Particle.publish()/Particle.subscribe() combo in the docs.
If not, you’ll have loads of other options (wired and wireless) - UDP, TCP, I2C, RX/TX, …

Like I mentioned, I’m new to this. I would like to build an application at work where there is a good wi-fi coverage that manages the request of supplying some sorting lines. We have 3 bucket loaders that drive around the park feeding when needed raw material to the sorting lines and the objective would be, putting a small Particle Photon (what ever model) with a panel with some led’s indicating the different places requiring assistance and at these places, the same type of board reading a level sensor as well as the machine’s state. Any problem at these stations would signal the the guys at the loaders that would respond to the problem. A press of a button would signal an acknowledge so that only one person would respond. Once the problem solved, the signalling would return back to normal. Ultimately, the foreman could manage the situation on his smart phone.
I suppose I could use the cloud if it has to.

The cloud based approach would definetly be the easiest.

Whatever condition needs attention would be “broadcasted” via Particle.publish("IncidentBucket1", "WhateverHappened") and the other devices would subscribe to these notifications via Particle.subscribe("IncidentBucket", doSomething) where void doSomething(const char* event, const char* data) is a function that would look at event and data and act upon it.

Notice that the subscription only looks for any event starting with “IncidentBucket”, which bucket can be distinguished by looking at event inside the subscription handler.

Ok, just ordered me 3 Photons to start playing with each other. I think I will run into issues with the Internet security at work but I will give it a try. Might have to create a “local cloud”. I will definitely need some help starting this thing.

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My 3 little toys just arrived, hope I have enough time to play this weekend.

I’m going to need some help from you guys for sure.