Photon to photon communication


I was wondering if there is a way so that many photons can communicate with and pass the data on to one main photon. This main photon should then be able to consolidate data from all the other photons and post it to a webpage/app. Thanks !

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@shrm145, you can use direct TCP/UDP which don’t use the Cloud or the Spark.publish() / Spark.subscribe() which make use of the Cloud. If using the Cloud is ok then the “primary” Photon would subscribe to type of event (like a wildcard) and get the originating Photon ID from the subscribe data. :smile:

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Awesome ! Thanks !
Is there a way to do it over a local network ? Or do we have to have internet access ?

With manual mode you can communicate locally on LAN without internet access, but you either need to have a static ip on the master node, or use broadcast packages(if the photons can read broadcast packages).


If you don’t want to use the cloud for client photons to communicate with the main photon, use TCP/IP for client<->main photon communication and use cloud for main-photon to cloud for publishing as suggested by @peekay123 . Here is the link for a great tutorial on using Spark Publish, thanks to @bko


When we release general AP mode it should be possible to connect your slave photons to a master using the master photon as a Wireless Access Point, and the master can then connect to your router. Exciting :smile:


Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. I’m pretty excited about the general AP mode ! :smile:

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I know it has been a while, however I am now ready to work the project that requires two Photons to communicate with each other. I read up a little on the soft AP mode, on the forums but am a little unsure on a starting point. Any help and/or guiding pointers will be awesome :smile:

I’m afraid AP mode isn’t implemented at present. The feature has been put behind adding multithreading to the Photon. But we should have it within a few weeks.

Awesome thanks ! Till then, I’ll keep experimenting with other options :smile:

Any news on this front?

This is currently milestoned for 0.6.0