Multiple Microcontroller Communication

I am trying to connect one microcontroller to another, wirelessly. I have the Photon as my “mother” and a adafruit “huzzah” as the slave. I want to send data (temp and humidity) from the slave to the mother. Then the mother performs a certain task based on the received data. What would be the easiest way to do this? Would it be easier if both microcontrollers were particle this way I could have them both under my particle console? Any help would be nice.

Using particle devices as both ends would absolutely make it easier as you could use the publish and subscribe functions to send data and commands to each other. Check the docs for examples.


On the Particle side you can always use TCPClient, TCPServer or UDP and depending on your ESP environment you should be able to use the same/compatible APIs there too.

A higher level interaction could be done with HTTP client and HTTP/Web server objects - on Particle and Arduino IDE do feature libraries for that purpose too.