Monokai Arduino IDE Theme

Hey peeps! This morning I spent some time making my Arduino IDE more like Sublime Text 2’s Monokai color scheme. It’s about as close as I can get, there really are not enough system variables to make it happen without more hacking on the source code (not really an effort I want to undertake). Regardless I think it’s VERY nice if you like darker themes and thought I’d share it with you all.

Snack it up :wink:


Nice! Thanks for this. I’ve been slowly moving to dark themes in everything lately, didn’t even think do try an Arduino one

Thanks :wink: Yeah I prefer them as well for coding. There is actually a way to compile Arduino from Sublime Text directly, but honestly I like the Arduino IDE better personally. Althought the Monokai in ST2 is the way I really like it… I’m kinda torn :S It’s good to have options though :wink:

Waaaay cool.

I installed it on my mac! It was a little confusing at first, I’ve never changed the default IDE theme. This is how I did it…

  • Open Finder, go to the Applications folder. Find Arduino. Notice that it’s not a folder, it’s an application (.app).
  • Right click on the icon, click on “Show package contents” It will open a folder called (you guessed it) “Contents”
  • Navigate to Contents/Resources/Java/lib
  • In this folder you will see a theme folder. Replace with BDub’s theme folder!~

@ramya glad you like it! Where you able to find preferences.txt file and update it as well? There are some minor things in there, and you may want to toggle editor.antialias to true and see if that makes a positive difference on your Mac. On my Windows system it did not.

Yup I updated preferences.txt, it looks so much nicer with anti aliasing.

For anyone looking, preferences.txt is NOT in the location I described above, you have to open the IDE and look at your user preferences. The path is at the bottom of the window. There’s also a preferences.txt in …Java/lib/ but you aren’t supposed to modify that file. No touchie. It says so on the first line.