Monitor One - Can I connect SHT-31 from Tracker One?

Hi, All! I have both the Tracker one and Monitor One. Love 'em both!

Using an appropriate physical (m8 to M12), adapter, can I connect my Particle-purchased M8 SHT-31 leaded sensor to my Monitor One?

It looks like the power and ground pins are identical, but how about the two data pins that the SHT-31 needs? Looks like pins 4 & 5 are used on the sensor (Serial1 Rx & Tx), but 4 and 5 on the Monitor One are 0-10V Input and RS-485B(N).

Where should the SHT-31 data pins go on the Monitor One (assuming such a connection is possible)?

Thought it better to ask here than release the magic smoke...

The M12 connector in the Monitor One doesn't have the same signals as the M8 on the Tracker One.

The M8 temperature/humidity sensor uses I2C at 3.3V, and the cable has a 3.3V regulator and a connection to the sensor. The software uses Wire3 on the shared I2C/UART serial port on the M8 connector.

Unfortunately I2C is not exposed on the M12 connector on the Monitor One Developer Kit with the I/O card. The I2C port is available inside the Monitor One and available on the expansion card connector, so you could have a different expansion card that does expose it on the M12-8 or M12-4, but you can't with the standard I/O card.

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Thanks, Rick!

Exactly what I needed to know. I'll tread slowly, but you guidance has illuminated the right path.