Modify the Argon OS

I’m using a Particle Argon that is running in the 1.1.0-rc OS version.

In order to modify and run my own Operative System version, I’m trying to run in debug mode just to see the log/debug messages from the communication part in the OS so I could understand where should I do my modifications.

In order to debug is necessary to compile a monolithic version (OS + Application) so is necessary to recompile and flash the entire OS in debug mode. The Log/debug messages are shown as serial prints, so now I can see logs and I can make my own by modifying the OS code, this allows me to “follow” the flow of execution and understand how it works.

I realized that when compiling in Debug mode, some features are disabled (OTA updates for instance), so I cant see the related logs, even if they exist in the OS code. For instance in the OS file communication/src/chunked_transfer.cpp there are some logs as the following:

DEBUG(“error sending updateReady”);
WARN(“invalid chunk index %d”, chunk_index);
DEBUG(“chunk idx=%d crc=%d fast=%d updating=%d”, chunk_index, crc_valid, fast_ota, updating);

I would like to know how I can do the debug to see this logs. Does someone know if there is a way to debug without disable some features and be able to see the logs of the OS??