Minnebar Session?

I have two cores that I can’t get to work. I’m wondering if anyone will be at Minnebar on April 12th to talk about Spark Core and maybe due some onsite troubleshooting, hacking, or whatever with our cores? It would be sweet to figure out what’s wrong with my cores and if all they require is a firmware update then it would be great to have some help getting that done.

Hope to see you there!

Eric Peterson

Why don’t you mention the problem you are facing and let’s get the :spark: core running before 12th? :wink:

  1. Chip or U.fl

  2. Did you get to blinking green?

  3. What is the colour on the RGB led

srcfoo, I’m with kennethlimcp here. Can you explain what you mean by: [quote=“srcfoo, post:1, topic:3748”]
I have two cores that I can’t get to work

If you give us a rundown of what it IS doing then we most likely can get working. :smile:

I managed to fix one of them today by loading the new firmware on it. Prior to that even the example code would not run (blinking LED). Now everything is working fine.

The other core was DOA (i.e. no firmware installed). I already have it approved for RMA, but I got busy and forgot to send it back. I’m hoping someone with a JTAG could just flash it for me and save all the shipping costs.

Isn’t that the :spark: core team will mail you a new piece and at the same time have a return envelope to ship back?

Not sure how did you determine if the other doesn’t have firmware. Firmware can be easily loaded to the core etc… Only the Bootloader requires a JTAG…

I guess you need to better state the issue cos it seems like you managed to connect the core to the internet but the firmware just didn’t run correctly.

If you mentioned that earlier, we could all probably helped you resolve it :wink:

Two cores. Core One I updated the firmware. This one could connect to the internet.

Core Two has no firmware and is the one I could return but haven’t gotten around to doing. It cannot do anything as it has no firmware on it.

I wasn’t really looking to fix my cores with this thread hence the title and content of post being about more than my broken cores. I appreciate the help, but the goal was more to setup a Minnebar session so I could meet other Spark Core enthusiasts.

If you’re going to be at Minnebar it would be great to meet up and see what projects you’re working on.

Looking forward to a great Minnebar!

I’ll check if we can connect with you @ MinneBar, @srcfoo!!

Hey @srcfoo,

I’m thinking I’ll be at Minnebar this weekend, so I’d be happy to meet up and talk Spark stuff, feel free to email me at david@spark.io and we can coordinate :slight_smile: I haven’t been before, so I’m not sure how that works / if we can just self-organize a meet-up or something, but that sounds fun!


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I’ve been going to Minnebar since its inception and I’m a proud supporter. Minnebar is the perfect place to start an ad-hoc session. However, I think you (Spark.io rep) should register a session so people can see it at http://sessions.minnestar.org/.

They are so cool and the cost is incredible so with the geek audience you’ll have at Minnebar it’s a perfect lead generation situation for the Spark group! I think just having a show and tell would generate a lot of interest and business around the technology.

People have talked about Arduino and had Arduino sessions in the past so I would focus more on the technology that makes it unique, the shields, the low cost and the story of starting a hardware/software company based in the Minneapolis area. That would be a Minnebar winner assuming the delivery wasn’t horrible :wink:


Hey @srcfoo,

I’m here at MinneBar walking around in a gray sweatshirt, maybe we can meetup during lunch or something and / or if other people are interested we can do a mini breakout session. :smile:


Awesome. I’ll keep an eye out for you. I’m the guy with the beard :wink: I have a black north face jacket on.

I’ll find you guys too :slight_smile:

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Sorry we missed you @srcfoo! Thanks to everyone that came to the breakout session, it was fun just to talk about future builds, and embedded engineering in general. :smile: