Mesh network with multiple gateways?

Any updates on if/when it will be possible to create a mesh network with more than one gateway? I’ve been poking around on the forum, and I’ve found a number of folks asking for this, and a number of responses saying “it’s coming” but nos discussion more recent than around December 2018.

Even if it’s not ready yet, perhaps it’s on the roadmap by now.


I have this question too… I have searched documentation and forums and found discussion of this but only in the ‘future’ context. This is a very real need for us in the near term as we have isolated (G3) networks when (for any reason) THE gateway becomes unresponsive.

In some locations we have LTE and Ethernet or LTE and WIFI, but I don’t yet see how to add an alternate gateway to a mesh network.

Thanks to all in the community who may be able help us here!

Best, _Todd

i think the multiple gateway network is called HA network in particle-speak. anyway, i found this post by will 2 months ago that somewhat ranked the feature requests from a thread into a list and HA networks were fairly low in demand in that particular thread. since this linked post is 2 months old , one can kinda quess how long HA network might be from this point. mine would be late Q2 or sometime in Q3 at best.

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