Mesh Network Setup - Boron as Gateway

I have Mesh project covering 5 acres 260 mile away. Development will be done at my location with available WiFi through fiber internet connection. However, at this location I have almost no cell signal.
The project site has no hard line internet connection, so will be using Boron as the Gateway.

When I ween the Network off the hard wired WiFi will the Boron auto detect the cell service and connect?

Will you be using an Argon to do your development since that is the only available WiFi mesh dev board? At your dev site, you can create a mesh network using that Argon. When you get to your project site, you will have to create a new mesh network starting by adding the Boron, then all the Xenon endpoints to it. I did almost the exact same thing today. I had a mesh network using hard-wired Ethernet with a Xenon as the gateway. But I have an Argon I wanted to switch over to. I had to start with the Argon and create a new mesh network. Then I had to take all the Xenons from the old mesh and run them back through the setup in the mobile app one at a time. The app will ask you for each of those Xenons, do you want to “Leave the mesh network”. If you choose leave, it then scans for a new mesh network to join. In my case I chose the Argon. In your case you would have to choose the Boron.

You don’t even have to flash new firmware at the project site… the user firmware will already be loaded from your dev testing. It should start to run on the project mesh network without interruption. Except that if you cannot flash the firmware to the Boron at your dev site, that might get a little tricky.

Thank you for the help. I ordered and received 1 Boron, 2 Argons and 3 Xenons. Based on your reply I will follow your path to set things up.

Great. One thing to note, you cannot add an argon or Boron to an existing mesh Network. Those devices can only create a new mesh network at the moment. High availability networks will not be an option until particle finishes development of that feature.

I just read about single networks before I checked back on my post. Because I am a rookie at this, I just opened a new thread I hope the support group will approve "Particle Mesh 101 for Dummies"
Sure will help us, new to the game. Also hope more people add to the ITTT Particle events while I try and get up on learning some code from here and Github.

Is there any news on that feature?
Its actually pretty significant if you use it in real circumstances.
Imagine to have to reconfigure hundreds of Xenons manually only because one Argon died.

@bearinasuit, High Availability (HA) networks are still under development and considered high priority:

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