Memory Usage in Atom IDE?

I attempted a search and could not found where this topic item is supported (Memory Usage for Atom IDE). The closest answer I found was from @ScruffR in this thread, but alas the "particle serial identify" cite does not return usage:

Is this just buried to where I can't see it or are there plans to get this integrated like the Web IDE? I'm not able to build my project in the Web IDE, either (library complications).

And while on the subject, how would a memory usage limit violation manifest in the Atom IDE?

  • during the build
  • when flashing

I’m not aware of this feature being included in Dev yet, but there is a new version out which I haven’t looked at yet.

But for the records, my comment about memory usage in the thread you linked was meant for this command

particle compile photon <buildPath> --target 0.5.0 --saveTo firmware.bin

(now 0.6.2 would be the default target tho’)
and not for particle serial inspect - and even less for particle serial identify :wink:

TY @ScruffR , and I see by the resultant Photon reply that’s what you get…

Is there a “request log” for such support?

And would you know of over-usage manifestation in the Atom toolchain?

I guess you’ll just get a can’t compile message when the limit is hit - but Dev is not my environment :wink:
You can file an “issue” here to request that feature