Particle Spark Dev compiled memory usage display and Atom update

Enjoying the development client on MAC (10.10.3) very much 2 questions:

  1. As in the Web IDE is there a display that reads back memory usage?

  2. I’m getting messages at start up saying Atom is out of date.
    a. Should I update Atom or could that cause complications in the Dev environment?
    b. If I should update - how do I do it?


I don’t know for the Mac and the most recent release, but previously and on Win you could click on the check mark :heavy_check_mark: next to the word “Success” to see the mem usage.

For 2 you’d need to wait for some Mac guy to answer :blush:

On the clicking on the check mark after compile- on the Mac it takes you to the bin file. Don’t see much of anything else to click on. Thanks.